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Need help

Ok, so I've managed to make 30 seconds of a Ambient/Melodic song that I'm making, but now I'm stuck. How do I continue the song without it turning repetitive? All of the instruments I've tried just don't fit with the song.

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Try to add some efects, and

Try to add some efects, and smooth etnic loop

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Remember that the song is

Remember that the song is already ready inside you. You just have to pull it out when it's time. Do not force creativity.

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Go ahead and repeat and

Go ahead and repeat and stretch it out longer.  Then go back to a section and try removing instruments down to 1-2 and experiment with different combinations. Also, you could put a filter on an instrument and automate the cutoff and res over the entire song so that it is always evolving and won't sound so repetitive.  Instead of adding an instrument that is playing constantly, consider just using single hits of an instrument or sound in just one section to set it apart.  Could be anything from a cymbal to a foghorn, whatever feels good.

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I wrote this a while back and

I wrote this a while back and had similar thoughts, I ended up phrasing it and just adding more layers each phrase which seemed to work well for it's sort of dark atmospheric soundscape.