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Caustic Files on Multiple Devices: Workflow for Saving and Loading

Hi all, big Caustic fan for the past year but first time posting. I have multiple devices with Caustic loaded including an Android phone, Android tablet, and Mac Air, and I initiate tracks (Caustic files) on each. I'm having issues with my workflow and wondering if anyone has tips. (I've searched the forums and don't see my exact question asked, so would appreciate a pointer to a thread that already exists.) I should mention I've tried running the Caustic FTP function on my Mac Air and I can't seem to get it to work (can't see the FTP from my other devices).

Right now I start making a track on my phone, for example, and save the Caustic file to my internal storage (default). I typically name it by date and version #, so if it's a first draft I'll do the date and then a .1, IE for Aug 1 of this year I'd do Then, still on my phone, I go to my Dropbox app, navigate to internal storage, and upload that file to my Dropbox folder of choice.

After that I have a small issue. When I want to later open that file from Caustic on my phone or tablet or laptop, I navigate to Dropbox and click Open With the use Caustic to open the file ... but it doesn't open. The only way I have been able to get it to work is to move or copy the Caustic file from Dropbox back to the internal storage of the mobile device / tablet (or the Documents folder of my Mac Air) that I want to open it on.

In short, I'd rather not move or copy the Caustic file from Dropbox back to internal storage on my device. I already have enough steps. If anyone has any tips for workflow here - anything to make this whole process faster - I'd appreciate it very much. Maybe it's as easy as getting the FTP to work. Thanks!


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I have two android devices, I

I have two android devices, I use drive sync


To sync up my local device drive to my google drive, 2 way sync allows files added from one device to automatically add to the other.

I don't use any apple devices but I imagine there's probably some sync tool to google drives to that too.