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find missing caustic "song" file on PC

Many... song files on Lg 3g not showing on PC to offload, save and finish in other DAWs. I have plenty of space on phone.

Tried to create a song file in Caustic on phone from the PC, but that didn't work

Should I try a reinstall of caustic and if I do will I loose all songs?

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Salut je viens de faire chez

Salut je viens de faire chez moi le test.

Dans les deux sens ,( phone-->PC - PC--->phone),  je peux relire et jouer le morceau.

Est tu sur d'avoir la même version de CAUSTIC sur les deux postes ?

CAUSTIC3 beta8 pour moi.


Hi I have just done the test.

In both directions, (phone -> PC - PC ---> phone), I can reread and play the song.

Are you sure you have the same version of CAUSTIC on the two stations?

CAUSTIC3 beta8 for me.