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hip hop on caustic 3

Please guys I'm really new to this.i have watching tutorials but not making much progress.I wish to create hip hop beats.I wanna know what are the essentials to creating a hip hop beat on caustic 3 and also how to make base drums on there.thanks

Icky Pop
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You listen to tour favorite

My advice is you listen to your favorite rappers or find a instrumental beat in YouTube just to get the flow and idea of making one, or I recommend a youtuber and beat maker Justin Omoi look him up, or busy works beats they can help you with that realm of music especially how to structure a beat. Another one is a fellow caustic 3 user S.Fleks Entertainment he also teaches how to do a beat as well.
I mad you a caustic file just to get the idea of the beat and structure.

Caustic Song file (optional): 

Icky Pop