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Feature Request

Can we have an option where we can sync our Caustic song files as well as the custom presets we have saved with any cloud storage like Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox, etc. I was using an HTC phone and never cared to upload the caustic files separately and later when the device suddenly died, I lost it all and it takes quite some time if you try to start it all over again and most importantly the ideas that I had was all gone. This is why I feel a sync feature or a back up to cloud feature inside the Caustic App will be amazingly helpful for all the users I think. 

It'll also be very helpful to sync back the files after we install Caustic on a new Device it'll really save a lot of hassle. 

I am always grateful for this amazing app and would really appreciate if someone redirects me towards an alternative way to back up the files except by copy pasting or separately uploading them to the cloud.

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Look at the drive sync app,

Look at the drive sync app, very cheap and does what you need.

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I would like to start by

I would like to start by stating: I make these suggestions and criticizms out of a love for my art and a desire to see this program fit my needs. I do not wish for compensation or credit of any kind if you choose to use my suggestion.

I enjoy Caustic's simplicity, its interface is streamline and easy to use, but is found wanting in parameter and automation accuracy.
None of the automatable parameters have number values (except for the cents tuning in the pcm synths sampler); which makes precise parameter harmonizing very difficult, and is especially detrimental when it comes to pitch fine tuning.

As my profile says I am experienced with multiple daws, and created a scale of music.  I have created a few beautiful works in caustic, but my scale is based on exact frequecies such as 24hz, 306hz 432hz..ect, so i have been very disappointed in not even being able to approximate it with accurate cent tunings.
This and a few other needed features will be the topic of my suggestions. The features im suggesting i will try to describe in detail.

The first being parameter and automation values as numbers. On the synths themselves you could put small number boxes at the top of each slider, and impose small number values on the center of the dials. On the automation editor panel that shows a bar graph you could add number values running vertically up the bottoms of the bars. Some people may prefer using without the numbers though so you could make it an optional tickbox in the settings menu.

The second is adding a master tune in the track menu: scale editor, and possibly independant detunes for each of the intervals. The nature of the detune could be the classic cents offset, or better yet have a type window wherin you can enter a number value to replace 440 as a variable in A=440.

The third also in the scale editor is a check box to switch between equal temperment, and fractional octave division from variable from 1-12.

Fourth and finally is to enable export and playback up to 192000hz sample rate. For mastering purposes its nice to be able to create super high fidelity originals. I do appreciate that you already give the 16-32bit bitdepth range.

Most of my suggestions can be achieved with minimal effect on the streamline feel and ease of use with your program (save perhaps fine tuning octave intervals independantly, which would make the scale menu more complicated.). Some like the addition of parameter and automation numerics will be simple to design and implement. Others like a frequency variable A=___hz master tune, or a fractional octave division setting maybe more difficult. Regardless please take these ideas into consideration; I would love to see this app do these things.
Thank you very much for your time.