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Can you split midi and power for USB Tablet?

Hey! I'm looking to buy an Android tablet to use Caustic to play midi keyboard for my band. I was wondering if there's a way to connect midi devices to an Android device while ALSO connecting power to it at the same time? To my knowledge most Android devices only have the one micro USB slot, so I was wondering if there is a splitter cable that would do this? Or if that would even work?


Thank you for your time

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Check out powered otg hubs.

Check out powered otg hubs. The problem is more about the device if it will allow data transfer and charge at the same time. Some don't, some do. Certainly usb c devices should do.

That said, even if the phone or tablet won't charge the powered otg hub should power the usb device be it keyboard, external HDD etc.

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Hi! Akai MPK Mini II +

Hi! Akai MPK Mini II + Samsung Note4 user here. Looking for some tips on this too.