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Audio momentarily stops with high volume

Hi, I'm getting this strange issue with caustic, when the volume starts being at 0db for long time (for example, i keep the feedback and wet of the delay at max) the audio starts stopping for about 1/4 of second, and this happens every two seconds circa. I'm using a Nvidia shield k1 and I'm sure i don't have this problem on my phone.

i had this problem in two different projects, both with just two or three tracks with 1/2 effects like bitcrush delay or phaser.

Any idea? I tried to open Caustic Storm to test if it was a cpu problem, but it gave me no problem at all.
I know i should stay below 0db, but it's frustrating when it happens just because i want to mess with some disturbing sounds in my live set! (Also i have the first live set with this tablet tomorrow, that's the funny part)
Thanks, and sorry for my english

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What you are experiencing sounds logical. According to my knowledge, this is supposed to happen in any environment, because you are pushing the system to the limit. Try to keep your levels down, and compress slightly. This technique works perfectly for me.

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Is there any other option

Is there any other option than adding a compressor?