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Charging Android tablet while connected to MIDI Controller

Hi everyone,

when I have my Nektar Impulse LX25+ MIDI controller connected to my LG GPad 8.3 running Caustic 3.2 I get about 3 hours of battery time on the tablet (which of course is not due to the MIDI controller but the screen being on for 3 hours straight).

I tried to connect a powered USB hub to the tablet (the usb host port of the hub) and then connect the MIDI controller to one of the USB inputs of the hub, in order to keep the tablet charging while also connecting to the controller but I have strange behaviour when doing that. Either the tablet starts charging or the MIDI controller gets connected to the tablet but both can't occur at the same time. Plugging/unplugging the cable coming from the tablet to the hub randomly alternates the behaviour. I suspect it may be an issue of the USB hub chipset.

Has anyone been successful in keeping the Android Caustic host getting charged while having a MIDI controller connected and how? Through USB hub? What brand/model?

Thank you in advance.

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You can't if you're on micro

You can't if you're on micro usb, it's one of the things it can't do, so you either OTG or charge, not both. The powered hub will power your device though. If you have a usb-c tablet though you can get a powered hub which will do as you want.

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This is only possible with

This is only possible with newer devices that has a usb-c port

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Thank you guys, I feared as

Thank you guys, I feared as much :( oh, well, my tablet is now 6 years old and the battery does not hold charge as it used to but I have bought a new battery, so I guess I will have to do the 'transplant' sooner than I had planned