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As a Live Performance Tone Generator?

Anyone have any experience using Caustic as a Live Performance Tone Generator?

I'm looking to replace my Kurzweil keyboard rig with some MIDI controller + iPad.

I'd really value a minimal learning curve, quick changes between presets and ideally, some way to call up my tabs, simultaneously with a single click/shortcut.

Any caveats? Specific gear recommendations? Alternate suggestions?

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Well, you could set up a

Well, you could set up a caustic file with 14 instruments and the option for one midi channel per instrument.  Then either switch the midi channel output on your controller if there is a quick way to do that, or leave the machine selector menu open in caustic and use the the touch screen to drag /rearrange machines to swap out the active sound.

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You can set up some

You can set up some instruments and one modular with "Machine Input" modules for the other instruments.

You can play notes on the modular synth and send them to the other machines by "Send notes". This function can be easily activated and deactivated. (I used such a set-up for a multi-register church organ control.)