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New Song For Those Who Feel limited by caustic (reason not to be -caustic is powerful)

Hi guys its me MK40SEVEN again with another one(dj khaled voice)
Just wanna share some good caustic music
: https://youtu.be/WPSVwmmQiW8
Im sharing this song to show you what caustic3 is capable of especially after lots of practice
Im still 3 years old in caustic so im still Learning
If you want me to put up a tutorial on anything or need any type of help please dont be afraid to ask me

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I genuinely mean no disrepect

I genuinely mean no disrepect here, but I'm failing to see how this is demostrating what Caustic is capable of...


Nice track, but you've really not stretched Caustic at all. You've got a vocal track and a few samples playing, it's really not a demostration of any of the real time analogue squelchiness caustic can perform or the vocoder, or indeed any part of it. 

Now, that's not to take anything away from the final production of your track, you've sculpted it very well and sounds good, but I would not hold it as an example of what caustic is capable of as it's really not using the majority of it's features.

And yeah, doing tracks with a decent vocal accapella is hella fun.