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Im Back!

Hello, again! For those of you who dont know, Im Pyzarix, under a new name, and I used to host the Caustic Competition and the Caustic Podcast.

Im sorry for leaving without saying nothing. I got bored and tired of making music. I shouldve talked about it here, I know there are really trustworthy people here in this community that could understand what was going on and why I just stopped.

Im not planning on coming back and hosting the competition, althought it was fun, but now I have a job, other interests and hobbies, and I wont have enough time for it. If anyone else would like to host the Caustic Competition be my guest. Also, my Caustic Podcast series will not come back, I feel like it didnt get the attention I was hoping for at the time, but I will be mixing other music here and there whenever I can.

If my profile picture or icon werent enough to tell, Im a furry. After I decided to join the furry community I felt like I had hope to be better at making EDM, so now I will be releasing music under this name. If I manage to find my unfinished projects, I will be releasing them as Xhermith as well.

If you dont want to know anything or be around a furry, thats ok. If you dont mind or care about the subject, thats ok too.

If you would like to stay up to date with my uploads, here's my empty Soundcloud:

Edit: I was looking through the threads Ive made on my Pyzarix account and some other threads talking about the Caustic Competition and now Im actually about to cry cause I just left without saying nothing and you are all like "There was this idea and it was great, but it died". Not saying that youre all bad people, I remember some old faces and the community here is really great, cause Im pretty sure the competiton was really fun to host and listening to other's ideas and all that, and I know that people were having fun with this friendly competition. I just feel like I shouldve said something :'(

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I remember these competitions

I remember these competitions: great fun and lot of good people around! 





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welcome back! 

welcome back! cool

ElousA FZ
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welcome bro

welcome brosmiley

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Hey again! I swear i remember

Hey again! I swear i remember your podcasts like i was listening to them yesterday. Also, glad to hear you've joined the furry community! Digging your sona. Mine is a shark. uwu henlo

or something.