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Hey Fam I have a question regarding mastering/mixing in Caustic 3. Are HEADPHONES good for monitoring? Can you produce a professionally sounding track using headphones?


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Most people would say no...

Most people would say no... However, I do all my mastering on headphones! However, use several pairs and understand their audio signature, master on headphones then listen on speakers, lots of speakers, you'll find which pair gives the most "normalised" result.

I have a pair of hd215s which are incredibly accurate and great for producing the track in the first instance, but when listening back it turns out they are light on bass and heavy on treble, so mastering on those leaves your track booming with bass with no top end.

Which goes back to by point about understanding their audio signature. Use ear phones, see how it sounds on those and so on...

So, no, you shouldn't, but it's fine to!

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I do all my mixing and

I do all my mixing and mastering on headphones but I was given some good sennheiser 280pro phones.  I don't see much variation when I listen to a track later on good speakers so i think they are pretty true.  A friend of mine who went to school for audio engineering said a teacher told them all to take tracks mixed on headphones out to their cars and listen on the car stereo to be sure they were getting what they wanted.


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I do all my mastering on my

I do all my mastering on my headphones. I have just a regular pair for everyday use that I use for song writing, then go through my song with a pair of much higher quality headphones. I would recomend as Rob said, to listen to your song on speakers as well. Car speakers, home speakers/suround sound, small portable speakers, anything you can get your hands on. You could try listening to it just on your tablet/phone/computers speakers, but I wouldn't do any mastering off those. I'm not that good of a song writer, but I have an album for sale on Google Play Music, and I'm workin on my second, so I guess you could say I make ''Professional music". I hope this helped. 

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The best ways is to listen

The best ways is to listen into different type of sources especially those Bluetooth speakers,apple earbuds,car stereos and even laptop and cellphone speakers..(all of these are the most popular sources ppl listen to music now days..lol)
I use a pair of ATH M50s for final mastering but I do try most of the mentioned sources.. reference professional tracks with yours and compare how they sound in these sources...if you can make yours sound similar to the professional one then you're in the right track;)

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Headphones continue to be an

Headphones continue to be an important tool for accurate audio monitoring. ... Most sound recordists use headphones for two kinds of situations: live sound monitoring in the field or critical listening to mixes in the studio. Instagram direct message on laptop Other applications are purely secondary.