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Audio Process 3

So let's talk about sound processing again. This time I will explain how EQ on mixer works.

So how 3 band eq actually works in reality?

The low and high on this EQ usually just give the boost in the frequency range, while mid cuts that frequency or ads frequency to the boosted frequency.
In other words , low and high are volume boosters, while mid is harmony booster.

So if you for example have bass on 3 a clock, high on 4 a clock your mid must be on 8 a clock to get clean dynamic boost in volume. To get harmonic boost you must lower bass or high while boosting the mids.

The main reason why all this is true nature of this EQ is that this EQ doesn't have actuall noon settings. So you are actually aiming smooth middle dynamic range. This seems poor in it's description but Mid bass and mid guitar are not the same sounds at all.

When I finish all the essentially important stuff in a sequencer I usually mute everything except the input that I am working on. I edit them step by step, one by one, trying to find most beautiful frequency range. Later I play with mixer volume knobs to enhance all that. In some cases you will need to use a limiter to boost or lower the volume or even parametric EQ.

Parametric EQ

Parametric EQ is very important in smothening the frequency spectrum over all parameters.
It's a ultimate tool in splitting the one sound from another, and you can not survive sampling without it.
What you actually do is that that you boost the gain on max, then you start searching for frequency that is the most distorted or to harsh and then you simply lower it to the bottom.
There are a lot video showing what you can do with it so I will not explain details.

So I will post couple of examples of parallel processing to show how to master within the app. You will get the files in the comments in a few days or so.

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Maximus Marte is a Caustic

Maximus Marte is a Caustic producer and true black belt sensei.... here's a good tutorial to get a clean mix..


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