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3 albums and no fans

I've been a power user since 2015 and no one has noticed, not much to say on this topic- TN0zz
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I listend to all you songs on YT. What is your style and in what direction do you want to go with your music ? So I´m not into Dubstep etc your best songs are imo the one with a own musical idea and sound. Imo Songs like "End of summer", "Synthmania", "Intro" and "Synthware" do have this individual sound. The sounds (esp. drumsounds) are unique. So I`m not a pro in music (but some of my friends are pro´s and semipro´s), it´s essential to find your own musical handwriting. My friends´best advice for this is. Writing songs, songs, songs...... The rest is just luck.

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Your songs are great...

Your songs are great...

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Looking at your soundcloud I

Looking at your soundcloud I can honestly see why. People don't automatically come and listen, remember that other soundcloud users are most often also artists, show some interest in what they are doing and they will be more likely to come and listen.

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Also, make it easy for people

Also, make it easy for people to find you, don't say search for this, provide a link. Put a link in your signature. And yes, be interested in other people.

And, personally, having a name that looks like a h4x0rZ handle turns me off instantly.

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I'm not a massive dubstep fan

I'm not a massive dubstep fan but I can tell there's thought and quality in what you're doing, but yeah what others said, participate a bit more, chat a bit more and then more people are likely to be interested.

You'll have to accept that the forums are a lot quieter than they were 2 or 3 years ago so there's fewer people just dropping by.

Your forum name does look little like the name of a Soundcloud bot though.

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Maybe you need to change your

Maybe you need to change your style. That always helps. Look for songs that people like and figure out how to make them on a better way.

Listen to Rej by MELEVEN #np on #SoundCloud

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Thanks everyone, it helps

Thanks everyone, it helps alot