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Constantin Fetter
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New Features? Caustic Upgrade? Rewire, automation, more Fx channels;

Greatings, i'm caustic heavy user, i work mostly in OST & Trance Genre there 32-64 tracks is not a big deal. i like to create demo in caustic and after expand in DAW but most of the time its not enough tools to create musically finished demo.

i want to share my ideas and desires to expand Caustic's abilities for Creating more complex projects in pro world.

  1. if there would be automation & CC export in log file or other format; it would be great for proffesional users to import this data into PC DAW; that could save much time, but at the other hand that could lead to undamaged custom Synthesizing, Rithm and Groove smooth exports etc... Of course u can use stems, but it's wave file, - not digital automation alone you can work with and edit it after. i only use my own sounds generated in caustic for music, idea / demo creation; After that i rebuild this sound into other Daw for more complex and precise tuning, synthesising with more osc and morph;  i don't import sounds to pmc, i have DAW for that. in Caustic i focus to use Moduling to get new sounds, grooves, that makes it different and acractive for me rahter than Fl mobile;
  2. it would great if we had 8 effects per channel, so users could edit signal more better. sometimes i want to use side chain, filter, distortion, eq, other filer, limiter at the same time; but i cant because of 2 effect limit; and i'm not talking about global effects; i need them for additional parpouses; 
  3. it would great to delete note in midi sequenser when long press it 2-3 sec. it would be more benefitial to delete this note in OS version by right mouse click;
  4. shaffle automation would be a nice feature in pocket to create more musically rythmic, dinamic & beautiful tracks.
  5. Global Shaffle & Tempo automation;
  6. UI Vector scailing in song mode, more zoom out;
  7. unable to play next sections after repititive selectied song section if i click coursor there;
  8. it Would be great to use caustic as touch pad host for PC DAW, for automations and launch pad simulation. i know there are RTM MIDI and TouchDAW but still that is not to usefull. it would give 2nd breath to this project;
  9. and far advanced it would be great to reviwre/link Causic to other DAW similtanously; Send/Recive audio data, Record in track, Send end recive midi data, CC maping + use it as touch aplication host; MAN thats my dream; in this case Caustic would be DAW's best friend to expand DAW's features & Plugins without additional Cost to PC side.;

i don't know what the view and plans of Caustic Developer, but as C/C++ developer and UI architectore by myself i think that this features will bring Caustic to next level; Plz consider that there are no serious software to route & link touch abilities to any daw with daw compabilities & features itsself inside app;

thanks for atention; Sry for bad English;

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1. Although not possible, I

1. Although not possible, I might add this to Caustic Guide as a little export feature.

2. Been asked before but in the past had to do with performance.

3. OS builds are not supported and Rej has said he didn't want extra code for PC versions.

4. Feature Request.

5. Global shuffle exists, it's in the global settings screen. Tempo automation exists, search the site or watch Rej's Youtube for example.

6. The app is drawn with Bitmaps, not Vector so N/A.

7. ?

8. Could you elaborate?

9. Well that is a dream but kewl things all the while. Link and MIDI sync have been brought up quite a bit.

Constantin Fetter
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sorry for long time no replay

sorry for long time no replay; i'm working on new studio building and had no time for replay; i will prepare about 7, 8 a letter this week and send it; Is there any chanse if folks rise some budjet that Raj will think about more channels & PC Daw linking solutions for heavy users with Workstations computing perfomance? i see poeple like me in different social media groups who is using caustic as From pocket > PC DAW> Relise tool.