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Instruments/Synths/lead sound packs searched

Hey, hello y'all.
I've been making vor some time now, doesn't matter. But i am stuck with the sounds i use as instruments. But i cannot really seem to find good sample packs with good sounds for my song, which sound professional.
Can any of you recommend good websites / sample packs to make any type of edm, mostly trap, house, something harder like Dubstep, something chill, for indie. Please help me out.
Greetings Maxmst

Samu robert hardwell
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You are no the really maximus Marte ?

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Way back I only downloaded

Way back I only downloaded drum samples, but I know the site has more than that https://sampleswap.org/filebrowser-new.php

But I would highly suggest making your own patches and presets ^^ ... but anyways "to each his own" I guess

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So ... I'll link you some

So ... I'll link you some sampkepacks that I think will really make your production job easier:

In this site (in the "free" section) you can find literally thousands of samples, presets, loops, midi (and synth samples) etc.


These are two very interesting free packs licensed by none other than Revealed (among other things you will find excellent synth samples)!!!



And finally take a look here;)


Remember to follow the instructions in the video description in order to download the package Free :)

I hope I have been helpful.

Good production;)

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And to reiterate, the packs I

And to reiterate, the packs I have on Google Play are PCMSynth and Beatboxes with samples AND presets.

Rediculous that I sell them for max 1.99 but it was what it was. (If you think 1.99 is too much, then don't bother with the link) :)


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@Mike, can I use those with

@Mike, can I use those with the PC version of Caustic 3.2?  I have unlocked Caustic 3.2 on my Android phone. Would I have to install there first and then copy files to the PC?

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Yeah, that is cool. I made

Yeah, that is cool. I made them for the community.

I just got a Matrix Brute, I think I am going to make a bunch of analog stuff in the coming months. :)