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I want to share my last song,

I want to share my last song, to contribute :-)

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I'm sure a lot of people have covered many of these techniques and I don't claim to be a master of this program or music production in general, but I have been playing around with this program for a very long time and I thought I'd share what I've learned. This is a pretty basic rundown on the best way I've figured out to get the most bang out of your baseline synthesizer, which I've found to be extremely helpful. It's actually surprisingly easy, basically just turn your P.WIDTH, CUTOFF, and all DISTORTION settings all the way up and make sure neither your target or program knobs are set to OFF. Sometimes it helps to turn RESO all the way up as well but sometimes it makes it sound like trash, so I would mess around with that one if I were you. I prefer to turn the DEPTH all the way up as well (rate obviously depends on the tempo your using) PHASE and everything else are really a matter of preference and will probably take some playing with and sometimes it's good to add an extra phaser or two in the effects and don't forget to turn the bass all the way up in your mixer and master (sometimes this is overwhelming and you need to turn up the mid and high as well). I really hope this was helpful to at least one person. Happy jamming y'all!

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I give you full credit for the awesome growl

GG, its a good growl, its 5am and i was bored so i made a lil something with it call it the Tn0Zz touch, idk.

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