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Caustic Song file (optional): 

Hello you there..

Several times, I have, said, in different threads, that I like it a lot when the song changes scale regularly..

Not because I'm not stable.. It creates some tensions, and allows sweet semitone progressions.. Also, it's almost always surprising, without shocking or hurting.. It keeps our brain and senses aroused, much more that a strictly tonal song without modulation or scale change..

I like those tunes with regular scale changes..

They often happen in jazz (My Funny Valentine.. Yesterdays.. Round About Midnight..)  but also in pop music (Creep; by Radiohead.. Sunshine Everyday, by Swell.. Un Soir de Pluie, by Blues Trottoir..) (Well, Un Soir de Pluie is almost a jazz tune, in several aspects..)

Here is a very simple sequence, a 4 measures chord progression, that allows the musician to play almost all the notes of the chromatic keyboard.. Not all at the same time, but throughout the whole 4 bar sequence..

Here are the 4 chords..

[ Am ] { E  ] [ Gm ] [ D  ]

What you can do is listen to the ogg online, if you're too lazy to d/l the caustic file, or you want to see how it sound before downloading.. Or any other reason....

Or you download the caustic file.. Then, you will be able to look at the keyboard of the "lead" synth, and see which notes are played.. You will see that only the Eb key is never used.. C# is used only once, and as a transitory note.. Not sure I could stay long on this one.. All other keys of the kboard are used at different moments, depending on the chord played, and the scale used..

(Off topic.. A note about the title of the song, and the name of the preset.. In french, "loop" is said "boucle".. But "Boucle" also means "curl".. Then the title means, at the same time, "Your Beautiful Loops" and "Your Beautiful Curls".. End of the French lesson..)

Of course, you're allowed to save and use the presets if yu like them..

Have a nice weekend end..



PS.. Oh, yes.. And on other threads too, I told you that I play very badly.. I consider that you were warned..