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Only Midi channel 1 is working (OSX)

Hello =)

I've set up Caustic on my Mac, with an iPad pumping MIDI events through the Network Session. When I have Caustic set to "One Midi Channel per Instrument" only events on channel 1 are being received and processed. I can verify that there are, in fact, events being transmitted on channels 1 and 2, and instruments are slotted into spots 1 and 2, but nothing works on any other channel but 1.

Using Caustic 3.10, Mac OSX 10.12.1

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! (=


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I got my new MIDI keyboard,

I got my new MIDI keyboard, Samson Graphite 25 today and can confirm the same problem on my MacBook Pro. Still trying to find an answer though.


e. I tested Samson with Akais Midi monitor and yes, all channels give input to my Mac. Caustic still doesn't act accordingly and play one instrument per channel.. Yosemite and 3.1. Have to test it with pc later.

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Tested with PC and Android 6

Tested with PC and Android 6.0, both work fine. I know Mac version is not supported but I'll just leave this info here as someone else might bump into a similar problem. Shame really, Macs latency is minimal compared to my laptop or tablet.

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I found one more difference

I found one more difference in Caustic 3.1 Mac version. There is no visible Midi in driver selection as there is in other versions. Screenshot attached. This can be also a Mac/Samson driver problem of sorts. 

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Greetings Caustic explorers.

Greetings Caustic explorers. Posed this question to Rej a few days ago, afraid I already know the answer but thought I would crowdsource the question on the forum in hopes of getting a definitive reply. I have confirmed the bad behavior myself on Mavericks and El Capitan. My question: is there ANY version of OS/X that DOES support Caustic's One MIDI Channel Per Instrument mode?

Score card so far...

No   10.12   Sierra
No   10.11   El Capitan
No   10.10   Yosemite
No   10.9   Mavericks




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Has there been any progress

Has there been any progress on this issue? I run Caustic under Android and OSX and because of this and lack of support for the Bluetooth standard used by my MIDI controller, it doesn't work properly with Caustic on either platform. Can't help with the survey as I'm not running High Sierra.