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womble dung
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new tune, with what evolved into a jungle style riddim

had a laugh with this as, as usual, i begin loading up four to six drum machines, tuned each drum sound, hat, tom, conga, etc, then take it from there before i "write a note".
BUT once i added the synth notes from what i began to hear in my head to the drums, then i found that the drums just didn't sound right.

so i loaded up an extra "dubstep" beatbox, and set up an x8 pattern and used it initially to accent over the previous machines till it made the whole thing work. it sort of helped tie it together into what was really already there.

it waffles around on a mellow relaxed chill vibe for a good while before it kicks in.
it's ok. needs proper arrangement which'll come soon.
no hurry.
by this time it had almost really actually made itself into what sounds a bit more like a 90's style "jungle" rhythm (that's the style that eventually evolved into "drum & bass" by the late 90's.

incidentally, i always piss myself laughing when i see DJ nights advertised as "bass" nights, and this meme says it all:
(it's not the same meme i was after, but same point) http://smartbassguitar.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/bass-meme-19.jpg