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Thoughts on live view?

I was wondering if Single Cell would be interested in adding a live view feature to caustic.  Personally, I'd rather use a cheap tablet I could put on a pedal board than a laptop.  Here is what I was thinking:

Two screens:  A pattern screen and a parameter screen.

The pattern screen has all of the patterns in your project and can be triggered on or off to loop or to trigger once. Having the patterns on one screen prevents you from having to flip back to synths to change patterns and would let you improvise live.  

The parameter screen has a bunch of knobs that link to knobs associated with the synth modules.  For example, if you double click on a knob in a synth it would display a dialog asking if you would like to add the parameter to the parameter screen.  If yes is selected, a knob is created on the parameter screen that controls the knob on synth.  So in a live setting, you can control multiple synths by manipulating knobs on one screen instead of flipping back and forth between synths.  You would also be able to have much more lively parameter manipulation because of it.  

I would seriously pay extra to have this feature in in Caustic.  I really want to use this live.   


Gordo Lowrey
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I feel the same way about

I feel the same way about this, to the point that I would happily program this in myself if possible. :)

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a live view for Caustic is a

a live view for Caustic is a great idea

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Would you be interested in

Would you be interested in this even if the functionality was in another app that loaded your Caustic content?