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MUST LISTEN... caustic at its greatest

Written in one day... No loops 100% original... Please post positive negative feedback

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Very cool, nice work!  It

Very cool, nice work!  It will get played in the car a bit later at the volume it deserves.  Nice patterns and its got good high energy. What did you use for guitar?  Preset, or something you made? What FX?


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Thank you.. I put a lot of

Thank you.. I put a lot of feeling into my songs.. I used PCM synth built in distortion guitar setting.. Then the distortion effect.. Lead on left rhythm on right but another rhythm on the left side but it's a deep piano... So there's not three dang guitars going at once... Check this one out too I have about 30 tracks on SoundCloud

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I found that the K Synth is

I found that the K Synth is best for making a realistic guitar tone. Add a lot more velocity variation than you would first think is necessary and tweak it to mute low velocity add sharpen the pluck on high, add effects. I listened to a couple of your tracks (I think you are using the k synth in this track) and your tone was good but the touch was extremely mechanical. I know you are using some v variation but in rock rhythm guitars a third of those notes should be almost white.

Now on the third song and you are using a muting effect, but all the muted notes are same velocity, mix it up slightly, almost muff a note even on fast runs, Caustic is capable of much more realistic guitar.

Other than that, awesome. Great old school metal feel, I keep expecting to hear a guy start screaming when it feels like it's kicking into the verse. Good stuff.

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Nice, Stuff (I heard most of

Nice, Stuff (I heard most of your stuff), but I think its about time you update the drum sound. Also search for some other guitar sounds that would be more natural. I run them thru PCM to the mods, sometimes split them with different fx settings.