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I started this one  quite a while ago when there was a thread about the organ on an old Who song and also a thread about creating the tape stop effect in Caustic using the PCM synth. That was the inspiration for the first part. On reddit there was a thread about proper chord voicing for 'classical' music so that is where the middle section came from. Although I broke a couple of the rules as I went along to make it closer to what I wanted to hear. As I understand it the book Simulacra and Simulation was one of many inspirations for the Matrix movie.




 music Created in Caustic sort of follows this since it is created in a 'virtual world' on 'Virtual Instruments', a simulacra of a live musical performance.

Or maybe it is just a cool title for another one of my little sound experiments.

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Excellent!  Yeah I remember

Excellent!  Yeah I remember that thread about the Who, you have a great simulation of it here, this is a fantastic track, really up my street, love the different parts that all mesh together nicely, great automations going on. I have had a little look at you links, it's all pretty fascinating stuff, although I realized I might need another coffee..lol..or I might pass it to my nephew who is about to start his Masters in Philosophy and the Classics, hehe

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This is great Wardini, sounds

This is great Wardini, sounds like about three or four genres effortlessly colliding into something very unique & distinct.  Also, loving that classical breakdown in the middle.  This is very sophisticated stuff indeed, great work!

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Thanks Guys

Thanks Guyssmiley

I am out of town but when I get home I will upload the song file.