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Get high on me (feat. Emily Coy) - Mix/master feedback

Long time no post.  

I found these acappella vocals https://soundcloud.com/stemstore/emily-coy-2080-vox-free-acapella and by pure chance they fit into the chord sequence I was playing about with at the time.  Serendipity.  I had to retune some of the hooks because the original is in the major key and mine is minor, but with the new wave editor it's actually really easy to retune single words.  To match the tempo I sped up caustic until the lyrics hit the beats which allowed me to say what the tempo of the lyrics were, then I timeshifted back to the original tempo.  v3.2 rocks!

Anyway.  I'm looking for some feedback on the mixing and the mastering.  Have I over-compressed?  Do any parts of the mix stand out too much?

If anyone wants a go at re-mixing/re-mastering then PM me.  


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Some work in this one, love

Some work in this one, love the instrumental lines in this, really nice, vox sits in it pretty well, and you know it sounds ok to my ears, depends on how near to perfection you are aiming for I guess, good one