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Are there any apps or plug ins that can use mic as MIDI

I had an idea that seems too good for it to but exist, but I'm not aware of it. It would be an awesome addition to Caustic or any music scratchpad type app. What I'm imagining is a way to have a module that triggers a note when audio enters the mic. Even if it did not detect pitch and simply sent an on/off on a single channel based on whether sound is detected would be great for programming rhythm parts. Sometimes I imagine beats that have intricate fast parts that I have trouble describing, but I can record myself drumming them on a surface, then figure out out by figuring out the tempo and working out the notes. I often don't know what I'm doing and end up saying "oh, that's a dotted sixteenth there, no wonder it didn't sound right". It's a very time consuming process, though.

Imagine being able to activate microphone trigger with a check box, while this is on you can't record, but it acts as a virtual MIDI drum pad thats activated by sound instead of pressure. You may lay down your kick with the grid, then set the microphone trigger to the snare, press record/play, and tap a fast snare fill with your fingers next to the mic, and that row of the grid is populated with a nice organic blend of little notes. You would be able to use it on any instruments, you might have trouble getting a fast lead riff to sound right, so you mic-drum it and then move the notes to the right pitches in the pattern editor.

I'd think it would be easy to make it even better, like having velocity vary with volume, or having a separate trigger for each stereo channel, maybe even set different pitches to triggering different channels so you could have a full drum pad with a bit of tuning and finding things that make different sounds when you hit them, but honestly just the simplest version I described first would be crazy useful.

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I know impaktor on iOS does

I know impaktor on iOS does this, it's more of a drum modeling synth with basic loop recording though.

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I found a few apps that do

I found a few apps that do sound to midi, so I got my guitar, muted the strings, and tried one of the better rated ones. It would work, but it would start missing notes or blurring them together once I sped up to what would only be 16 notes, at that level of granularity I don't need help putting a rhythm into notes. Nothing against the app, it wasn't designed to record a note as soon as sound was detected, it's supposed to record a note when it can determine the pitch. A system that only needs to detect the presence of sound and nothing else should be much simpler and faster and higher resolution than something that is analyzing the sound to determine the dominant frequency and recording the note closest to the pitch of the note (and even the better ones sometimes registered a notes harmonic overtones instead of the note played.

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Clear Air Turbulence. Very

Clear Air Turbulence. Very good thoughts.

I face exactly the same issue (plus a few more, but we can keep that out for now).

I was/am planning to create a C# program running on Windows) to do this. I have all the necessary code for this as part of another complex MIDI application. Hopefully I will get to this after completing my taxes :-(

Ideally I want to use Python rather than C# - but I have not figured out the GUI Toolkit for this.

If you come across a open source code for this please share.