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Damn, apparently the nonexistent music I have uploaded to Soundcloud is so good...

That I already have people following me even though my account has been up for less than a day and I have zero music on there yet :D If I can keep this up I will be super popular in no time!

Oh yeah, just in case anyone wants a link to my profile it's


For some reason when I went to take a picture of myself for a profile pic it flipped 90 degrees sideways and I don't know how to change it :/ Does anyone else see that?

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Soundcloud is pretty useless

Soundcloud is pretty useless as far as community goes IMO. But they sure do store audio files! And play them back at horrible quality!

I make Chillout Electronic Music, and sometimes Ambient. http://floatingbeyond.tk

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Yeah, the last time I posted

Yeah, the last time I posted some junk I got more likes than listens, it seems like an odd site for spam bot activity. Sigh, the tragedy of the Commons.