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EDM I made with Caustic

Go ahead and give it a listen. Looking for any tips or pointers to make my music better. Thanks everyone.

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Hi Joeydepeter

Hi Joeydepeter

Really great track , love the CROAK like synth lead that comes in at 00:30 . It is a little over compressed i think with the sidechaining , but thats just my old ears. Hey what do i know LOL  Oh and the melody is super catchy. I, still humming it.

​Great Job


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Nice EDM you got there, the

Nice EDM you got there, the Melody is very catchy and we'll put together here.

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Nice track, and would say it

Nice track, and would say it's a good representation of the genre nice and authentic, my only thing is I would say it's a little short maybe? Anyway good stuff