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saving Modular patches with external synths.

Caustic's Modular is a very powerful tool, however, it has one big drawback. I would really like to see it being able to save patches together with other synths used in it through Audio-In. Or, in other words, I would like these external synths to be loaded automatically with the right preset when the main Modular preset is loaded.

I know there is Caustic Guide, BUT:

- it's external so requires swapping between 2 apps

- it's interface seems to be suited for tablets, not phones - quite busy interface with small elements, fonts.

Unfortunately, judging by the Caustic's update rate so far, I don't know if it's even realistic to expect that feature in the future.

So, guys, please share your thoughts on this one, maybe there are better workarounds, maybe there is something I'm missing.

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Agreed, a few years back I

Agreed, a few years back I made a feature request for a merge song function, basically you'd pick all the bits from a song you want to merge to your current one, so might be machines, or patterns, sequencer stuff, or FX rack or all of these things

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Your need is the reason for

Your need is the reason for Caustic Guide's existence.  

You could (with the help of Caustic Guide?) set up some default songs that have the setup you want, and save them in a subfolder in the song directory so you don't accidentally overwrite them.  Then they are ready to go when you need them.  This is the approach Jason took with his Builderz packs.  


If you have good, well thought out and explained ideas on how to improve Caustic Guide's UI then you may be lucky enough to catch Mikes attention, but don't count on anything happening with Caustic itself.  

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1. Yes, I know Rej and he

1. Yes, I know Rej and he explicitly said to me, Caustic will never have what Caustic Guide does, ever.

2. Yes, Guide as is, is geared towards a tablet (1 layout).

3. Caustic Guide is massively powerful underneath with what I am doing and I have every bit of Caustic's model.

For what I did, I have sold maybe 50, nothing to feed my kids with. So I am making other apps to try and get a base. If I can get a base income with my other apps, I was definitely planning to update Guide's UI and make a phone multi screen layout.

As far as being in another app, well I guess that depends on your perspective.

Guide already can auto link modulars to their synths and export them as Groups.

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One other thing to note. Rej

One other thing to note. Rej and I had a working prototype of my apps talking directly to Caustic on Android. Meaning I could update Caustic real time like it was "just another activity".

The problem is security and Rej and I found no way that we could securely notify Caustic that it was a legitimate app sending him osc commands that wouldn't toast your track if the messaging fell into malicious devs hands.