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New rack - ( or modular like tool ) - live midi controls ( variable )

I use this forum in hope that the dev will read and consider this addition to the great Caustic,

as I also hope to find more people who would welcome the option of enhanced live performing options.


I guess it happened to many of you, that once you get pass the point of basic arrangement - you find your self tweaking

things from specific function on a module to basic volume/fx sliding on main mixer. It's a great thing to figure out the flow

of the track you have on your mind .... including the live performance options that are needed. However; thos nobs/sliders can be on multiple screens and it takes forever to switch screens which kills your ability to creat and perform. Wouldn't it be great to have all the specific knobs you have on your mind on one screen ? Layed out as YOU want ? 


So my idea is that we could either have

extra screen 


modular like module


that would allow you to place,assign, and mod midi controllers on one screen.


I believe this could take caustic to another level at many areas. Thanks for considering.

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*note - long press opens up

*note - long press opens up menu 

assign midi channel/port ( and or plus - learn midi - the first moved knob assigns to this controller ) 

(also assign multiple should be avaliable as sometimes you want to move 3 knobs at the same times ,,, so assigne one controller to all ) 

midi slope - 1/2 input 1/4 input 2x 4x (etc ) - great for having more detail available at certain spectrum , but also limits range

+floating ( on/off modular like ) keyboard - that would send note cc to instruments ( use polyphony display to actually switch path/instrument )


designs : big,small  - - knobs, blades, buttons .... XYPAD would be ultra cool



any other ideas ?

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Most of them are already

Most of them are already possible if you use a midi controler

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yeah .. that's the point - if

yeah .. that's the point - if you have a controller - - but so much more could be achieved without it .. and i believe that creating modular midi controller would not be so hard