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What Is Caustic's "Import" Option? And How Is It Used?

Many Times I Have Seen That Caustic Has An Import Option, How It Is Used. Can Someone Tell Me?

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You can use "import" to

You can use "import" to import midi files..

You must first have set up a few machines..

You browse your cellphone or computer until you find the midi file, and then you import it.. The import will be complete when you have selected which machine will play which channel..

You're not forced to import all the channels..


Imagine.. You have composed a song.. It is made of a bassline, a Subsynth, and a Beatbox..

You want to use the Beatbox pattern in another song..

First, you export your song as midi file..

Then you create a new song.. You set up a Beatbox.. You click on "import", you select the midi file that you've just created.. You will see "subsynth" and the number of notes.. "bassline" and the number of notes.. "beatbox" and the number of notes.. You will click on "Beatbox" and then you will be invited to chiose which instrument will have to play the imported notes.. So there you will select the new beatbox..

All the notes that composed the beatbox tracks will then be in the pianoroll for the beatbox..


I'm sure I am not very clear.. I guess you understand anyway..

Enjoy the moon..



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The import function can be

The import function can be used to import a causticpack (generally skins and / or presets) or any midi file from any source.