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Rahul Mishra
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Any app for easy vocal comping?

As for now, I comp my vocal takes in the wave editor, and then process the final take and the sample it in the pcm synth. But it takes a lot of copy and pasting ans is a bit difficult. I can not directly sample the vocal bits in the pcm synth since I need a single vocal take to process before I import it in caustic. Is there any good ap for comping vocals conveniently? Mixpad is an option but the interface is not so good and is difficult to operate, and audio evo is a paid one.. Any free app??

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I'm not understanding the

I'm not understanding the verb "comp" as used in this post. Do you mean "record"?

I used Easy Voice Recorder on Android before I got REAPER and my Focusrite interface; I do all my "vocal comping" on PC now.

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What Is The Comping

What Is The Comping


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Comp in this context means

Comp in this context means compile.

There's nothing to stop you recording a whole take directly into the PCM. The wave editor will still play the whole sample. And there will be a red mark on the wave display denoting the maximum playback time, which can be very useful here.

You need some kind of wave editor to chop samples up. Your best bet, at the moment, is to use the one within the machine that you intend to play the samples back from.

The situation may, of course, change. If you're reading this Mike? Automatic slicey thing? There's a gap in the market here. It wouldn't be free though.

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I thought he was talking

I thought he was talking about vocal compression?

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I like the automatic slicey

I like the automatic slicey idea. As long as it could measure beats and seconds the same way as caustic's standalone editor and you could specify slice sizes accordingly and batch name them... I'd use the crap out of something like that. :)