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IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME!!! (LANDR Mastered song)

So i've been absent for a while now and decided to post this new Remix i put together for another competition...i've won 1st place on my last remix for this same artist and hopefully I take it once again!!;)

One more thing...i've used LANDR mastering for this one so you guys can decide how clean it sounds...

Enjoy and feel free to show your love;)

Btw..im using Caustic 3.2 (Julia skin..one of my favorites)

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Good remix. It is nice and

Good remix. It is nice and clean, but your tracks always were pretty crisp.

I tend to switch between ledeon, blackbox, and scarabee's paisley for skins. :)

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I like your added bass melody

I like your added bass melody and the chimes.
The mix is very much mid-range, could really have a little more sub freqs for my taste.
Good luck with it!