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Caustic 3 works with ASIO (ASIO4ALL)!

After many failed attempts to get Caustic to play nice with ASIO4ALL, it now works! The first time this worked, I had simply reinstalled Caustic and the changes took place (thinking initially this was just an Admin privilege issue). I had realized it wasn't so easy after a clean installation of Windows, which resulted in me having to save/resave, reinstall Caustic about 8 or so times before the system had useable configuration files. For the community, I have saved and backed up these configuration files so that everyone else may enjoy a working ASIO4ALL-enabled DAW.

Problem: Due to the configuration file being extensionless, some text editors may not edit it correctly (causes corruption by leaving funky ASCII/ANSI characters, or changes the folder to a non-FILE temporarily which also breaks it), or it may be modified by Explorer itself (I am uncertain which of these cause it). This also seems to break using a Linux-based text editor.

Solution: I made backups of the "config" and "scales" files available as a drag-and-drop solution. I have shared these files on Telegram (please see bottom of this post) as I don't want to hassle people with OneDrive (which requires a MS account) and can't directly link files that aren't .caustic here.

This works for both Installer and Standalone. Simply drag and drop into Caustic Data folder.

For Caustic Installer version (assume defaults), it would be:

For Caustic Standalone:

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"Caustic 3 works on Linux!"


Telegram: https://telegram.org/

For more information on the Telegram channel, see machine456's post "The Brand New Caustic User Telegram Group!"


Get them from this Direct Channel Link: https://t.me/joinchat/Gg3TKxGX6v7BaEJM4XQAjw

I hope this helps folks, cheers!

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Its the best drivers I know

Its the best drivers I know so far to work in windows for Caustic DE BEST!!!

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Update:  Telegram no longer

Update:  Telegram no longer accepts extensionless files as extensionless files, so I have uploaded them to the cloud.  For your security, always check SHA hashes and run it through VirusTotal (verified clean).  Two other free cloud services were flagged, if you notice anything awry, please discontinue use and notify me.  Thanks!!







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Is there any advantage going

Is there any advantage going for asio these days ? I'd expect modern hw would run Caustic nicely without needing such thing....

I'm running old AUDIGY 2 on my setup, and i  haven't been struck by the idea to change the sound settings in regards this.

So I'm wondering if you're either on older HW or i am essentially missing some advantages of using this *apparently any other than latency