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Soooo, if no midi keyboard...

Soooo, if no midi keyboard..... Could their be a way around the keyboard?

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I have a Sony Xperia Tablet Z (Android 4.4) and can confirm the issues with Midi Keyboard (I tried with Alesis QX61).

Obviously the input is being recognized, as the buttons in Caustic are illuminated when keyboard is played, but the Tablet is being muted completely, as long as the keyboard is connected. All other apps are without sound, too.

The longer the keyboard is connected, the higher the chance that the complete tablet crashes and needs to reboot then.

The complete app was initiated, all SONGS and SOUNDS were erased.

No good.

Fortunately I made a backup some time ago.

I have also tested with a Samsung S3 LTE and it works perfectly!

Has anybody an idea what can be done to have a working S Tablet Z?





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Xperia Tablet Z - updated to 4.4.4 - NO AUDIO

Same thing here.  I just got the Xperia Tablet Z and was hoping it would be a good MIDI setup for Caustic.  

As soon as the MIDI keyboard gets connected, the audio shuts off for ALL apps on the tablet.  I tried with an M-Audio and an AKAI - both USB powered.  Same results.

Caustic does not like this at all and goes into a 100% CPU mode even after shutting it down.  The whole tablet becomes sluggish then even though it appears Caustic has shut down normally.  When I check the process list, Caustic is still there consuming over 60M of memory and hogging the CPU.

Has anybody been able to get the Xperia Z Tablet working with a MIDI keyboard and actually making sound?

I guess I can chalk this up to morons at Sony writing the code such that the Xperia sees the MIDI keyboard as an audio device and thus routes audio to it???


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I am new to caustic 3 but

I am new to caustic 3 but would like to raise usability on my SONY Xperia Z1 compact running Lollipop 5.0.2 with the help of a MIDI controller. After looking around I thought the http://www.m-audio.de/oxygen-25-2014 would be nice piece.

Can the hardware keys be used to the full extend ?


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I just got an AKAI MPK MINI

I just got an AKAI MPK MINI II and it works great with Caustic.

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Hello everybody. Does anyone

Hello everybody. Does anyone know the way to force M-Audio Radium 49 to work with Caustic on Nexus5/Nexus7? Keyboard got power via OTG cable but I got no response in Caustic sad

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I love my Korg Nanokey2.  Has

I love my Korg Nanokey2.  Has octave+/-, Pitch Bend up/down, and modulation button  (the longer you hold it down the more mod you get)

I also use an iRig Keys which is VERY configurable internally as well as having pitch and mod wheels.  It also can temp save/change current patch settings.

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On my XIAOMI Mi Max 

On my XIAOMI Mi Max 
I've  tested:

* Korg NanoKEY2 (only really mini in this list)

​* M-audio Oxygen 25 gen3 (just  not a big keyoard)

* M-audio Keystation 88es (totally giant monster)


​And all of them work fine.




It's not a bug, it's a feature.

It's not a ugly mess, it's a microchromatic syncopation.

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I know this is an old thread,

I know this is an old thread, and partly because of that, I thought I might add an update. Should this be a forum where users are supposed to start new threads rather than adding to existing threads, please let me know.

Anyway, I have successfully used the following "mini" MIDI keyboards with Caustic 3.2 on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (international version) running Android 7.1.1 Nougat:
Korg MicroKey-61 (old version)
IK Multimedia iRig Keys (37 keys, white front panel)
AKAI LPK25 (old version)
M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 (old version)

I have listed them in order of personal preference. While the keys on all of them are the same width, their length and travel varies. The Korg white keys offers about 10mm of travel (12 if you're heavy-handed). The IK and AKAI white keys stops at 8mm and the M-Audio at 5mm. The Korg and IK black keys has about 6mm of travel, while AKAI and M-Audio has 3-4mm. The Korg, IK and AKAI white keys are about 80mm long, while they are about 67mm on the M-Audio. The Korg, IK and AKAI black keys are about 48mm long, while they are about 43mm on the M-Audio.

My Korg seems to draw close to 100mA, my AKAI draws 30-40 mA (less when no LEDs are lit), my M-Audio draws 20-30mA while my IK doesn't register on my USB power meter, suggesting it draws less than 10mA. Please note that my USB power meter is pretty basic. I don't know how accurate it is.

Whould I be asked to recommend a portable Caustic Midi keyboard, I'd propose an IK Multimedia iRig Keys. Should its 503mm width be too much, there's a two-octave version that's 301mm. The M-Audio is 417mm and my Korg is 850mm.

It might be worth noting that only some IK keyboards explicitly supports iOS and Android. They have a white front panel, comes with cables for micro USB and lightning in the box, and costs a bit more. I suspect the other IK models would also work, since they, too, are driver- and software-free (all settings, such as the midi channel, are done on the keyboard itsef). All the other three needs a desktop app for at least some of their settings.

As Korgs says the MicroKey2 (newer models, on which the 37-61 key versions has a pedal jack instead of a two-port USB hub) and MicroKey Air can be powered from an iPad, they *probably* use less power than my older model, but I don't know how much less, if any. AFAIK the battery in the MicroKey Air is only used in Bluetooth mode, which currently doesn't seem to work with Android. For a cable connection, the Air models seems to use host power.