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.OGG help

Not sure if this has ever been mentioned before so here goes.

If we can export to .OGG why can't we import .OGG. lol

I only use Caustic on mobile and on my PC, it would preferable to be able to simply email myself a track and know I could retrieve it from my PC at a later time and work from there. I'm terribly mobile so I spent most of my time on the mobile version. This would be a life saver, considering other software uses .OGG, is that the only thing preventing a function like this? Potential for a lack of compatibility?

Any info would be stellar, thanks ahead of time!

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We can't import compressed

We can't import compressed formats because generally speaking you don't use compresses audio to make music with.

A quick google revealed this app


Regarding this as a feature request, I don't want to speak for the developer, however, given his lack of any activity recently I would wager that this would be extremely low on the list especially given the above work around.

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Kind of what I had figured, I

Kind of what I had figured, I send .OGG's along through a number of my friends one a variety of platforms. Only reason I asked.
I do have to convert everything for the iOS nerds though. hahaha
Not necessarily a request, more of an inquiry, but I can dig.

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