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[help] Ambient sounds

I need to know if it is possible to create ambient sounds

or if it can be obtained, please ..
I need answers, it's for a project :(

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Yes (largely)... Depending on

Yes (largely)... Depending on your definition of an ambient sound.

But if could you're talking whooshes and swells etc then the modular and sub synths are your friend, glitchy electronic sounds 8 bit synth...

And of course if you want rain water, bird song, flowing water type sounds then download some samples into the pcm synth.

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What Rob said ... you can

What Rob said ... you can create ambient sounds in Caustic in a number of ways. Filters and automation are your friend in ambient sounds, whether you use internal filters in Subsynth or add LP/HP/BP filter FX to pads or even organ.  PCMsynth can give you interesting accent sounds.  Using automation on filters over long spans of time in sequencer can create great atmosphere.

The sound creation process can be a lot of fun so dive right in.