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More midi controls and sampler machine?

Hey folks.

I was wondering if there are any plans for adding more midi controls to caustic. I saw a couple of forum posts about a live version of caustic and though I think its a okay idea (a little too complicated tho.) , I don't think it's possible. I'm more interested in using a midi controller to manually change the patterns of a synth. Could perhaps assign multiple patterns to one control thus being able to launch multiple sequences at once.

Another thing I'm curious about is whether or not theres going to be more sampling related synths.

I kind of like the idea of a mpc esc machine. Though I love the pcm synth (Seriously I want to find a hardware equivalent), I don't believe I could make a sample loop without holding keys down. Plus I like pads for launching samples. The drum machine is close, but I'm hoping for something where you could assign certain parameters to each individual sample (Like looping upon pressed.).

Alternatively it would be cool to just make it so the keys on the pcm can be switched to pads and add one touch looping (assuming it's not already implimented. Sorry if it it.).

Anyway, my main question is, have these ideas been considered or are at work?

I love and appreciate the work you folks do. If I could I would throw more money at you guys. xD

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Frankly (and getting a bit

Frankly (and getting a bit depressing now) any development of caustic appears to be on hold, for who knows how long. Nobody knows when there's going to be a new release. There's been plenty of talk around an audio track machine which may occur, a grain synth was knocked about a bit with alpha screenshots.

Regarding enhanced midi controls, pretty much every release has added to it. If what you ask for has a wide enough audience to consider is not something I could answer but I've not heard anyone else asking for it so my guess would be it would be fairly low on the list of things to do.

So yeah, unfortunately there's not a lot of visible Dev action. So until caustic either dies or gets updated just enjoy it and crack out some tunes!

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Ah. Thanks for the response.

Ah. Thanks for the response. Well, I can't be too pushy. They did release a really good update at the beginning of the year.

Really? I'm surprised that the whole sequencer midi control isn't a common request since its a common live performance technique in electronic music I'm pretty sure (specifically with those who use ableton live). I remember an article stating that it's good to have multiple synths and drum machines for live shows that you can sequence.

Launching the sequences in caustic seems to be the equivalent.

Speaking of which, I suppose I'll create another forum for how folks perform their music. I'd like to get ideas.

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Live performance control...

Live performance control... "it is NEVER going to happen in Caustic, never, Rej's own words. Nothing live will ever exist in Caustic...." They built it, it isn't going to happen, *ever*, so don't wait around for it. If you are on Android maybe look at G Stomper, which has astonishing midi control options. Be prepared to scratch your head at the work flow, but it is very powerful. If you are on ios, more options exist. There's a pretty serious step sequencer I read about.

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Thanks. I will look into g

Thanks. I will look into g-stomper. But, I'm not necessarly asking if there's going to updates meant for live. I already said that, that doesn't seem feasible. All I am saying is that to me personally launching sequences from a midi controller would work just as well (again, for me personally.).
The program already seamlessly changes patterns easily. I just think it would be a cool option in case someone does want to use caustic in a live setting (even if it's not meant for it. :P).

But anyway, Thanks for recommending g-stomper. I shall check it out. Especially if there are controller options. I found a lot of samplers on android but I haven't found one that allows any controller support.