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New here.. First thing that I want to say: amazing app!!

Hi guys.. I'm new here..

First thing that I want to say: Damn Caustic is a great app! I'm truly amazed how well thought out it is.. Workflow, sample editting, instrumentents, effects, stem export etc. I love that I can use it on my low budget Android tablet...
I know Maschine, Ableton inside-out but I think I will make music faster in Caustic...

Great software I'm glad I bought it!

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Yes caustic is great, but,

Yes caustic is great, but, for want of not sounding obvious...It's not Ableton, and your phone / tablet is no PC. Caustic has limitations, many of them, so don't be surprised when you realise feature X on Ableton or that you only have 2 FX slots etc don't exist in Caustic. But, bang for buck, it's absolutely stunning.