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exporting stems for a remix

Hi, I recently released this song that I made via caustic, and a fellow member of the record label I'm getting signed to wants to remix this and asked me to send him the stems. problem is, I'm not sure exactly how to go about this, I am pretty much  n00b when it comes to production, and was wondering if you guys could help me. I know there are the export to midi and export stems options, but how exactly do they work and without access to a higher end DAW, how do I know that my stems will work? do I have to include the samples I used/recorded as well?


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Go to export, click export

Go to export, click export stems... This will export each track as a wav. Export stems mixer you'll get all the tracks and the mixer delay and reverb seperated.

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I would suggest asking the

I would suggest asking the person  to specify what exactly they mean by "stems" / what they want/expect. 
It's not your responsibility to predict that.