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Feature request

First of all, i really Love the 3.2 Version of Caustic.
I still have some feature requests though.
For the next version i wish for mp3, aac, flac and ogg import to the wave editor and longer samples.
Secondly, it would be great to import large audio files on a seperate track and move them freely around in the pattern editor.

Thanks for this great app!

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<p>This is available as an in

This is available as an in app purchase, but you must send two lambs and a young virgin to the temple on the volcano.

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#Mixplot --- I think you

#Mixplot --- I think you should download "Caustic Mastering App" from browser... this is out of date and its beta version has been expired.. so you have to follow about this on YouTube... from there (YouTube video description) you can download the app..

but you have to know some things...
1.Its beta version expired on 3rd June 2016... so you have to make this date on your handset first.. after that you will able to open this app.
2.its have a smart export option in
.mp3, .wav, .ogg, .midi and .flac formats.
3.you can master the song gently...

you can try this...