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WET on Vinyl does not affect AGE

Choose any sound .... in effects - apply Vinyl Simulator on it and set all knobs to MAX

now turning down the WET morph/reducues the effect harshness besides the AGE parameter

verify : Set only WET and AGE to MAX level ( everything else turned off ) and decrease the WET to witness no-change

whereas decreaing AGE ( even with the WET to OFF ) will manifest in sound-change

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Actually, this is just what

Actually, this is just what the documentation says should happen:

Dust: The amount of dust sounds generated.

Scratch: The amount of scratch sounds generated.

Noise: The amount of low-frequency noise generated.

Age: The amount of band-pass filtering applied to the incoming signal.

Wet: The amount of generated signals (dust+scratch +noise) that will go into the original signal

So you can set levels of dust, scratch and noise, then use wet as a master for them.  The age is a separate control on filter.


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@JHSound ..i stand corrected

@JHSound ..i stand corrected , altough I'm not sure i follow the logical reason behind it :) many thanks for clarifying though .... much appreaciated

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There is logical reason why

There is logical reason why this will not happen. That is vintage vinyl simulator. We need a new one. :)