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Online Mastering server

Hello guys, i wanna ask a question. Is it posiblle to make an online masternig server here on SCS , something like complex allogoritam that uplouds your song file here, and master the file, making a label just loe in a studio. For example:
I would pay 14 bucks per song. Studio masternig and label.
It can cost more. But that would be fair since you are using 14 slots in caustic mixer.

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I think Snoopy is really cute

I think Snoopy is really cute(seriously love peanuts), I also think this question is cute. :)

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I am glad that you liked this

I am glad that you liked this idea. It could be your project for 2018 and it can push Caustic on its final stage. You probably know everything about the app. So this will be a challenge. To help you out i will tell you what you need to do.. Create a normaliser, That algorithm should normalize song on - 8 db. Then you will need to Create a noise reduction tool on 96hz. It will create perfect cleanup on all frequencys.
Brown, Pink, White , and Blue noise Harmonic amplifier.
It will add extra energy to all sounds. And the dynamic range compressor/ limiter set on - 12 decibels FM/AM..
Before you master a song song should be only on one Harmonic frequency.. One key to be precise. People choose a key in wich song will be written. And algorithm will add all this magic.. I hope you will make use of this. Enjoy Mike..

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@Amel .. hello there :) i

@Amel .. hello there :) i just want to clarify ... .as you are not making much sense 

there is no such thing as mastering algorithm ( altough there may be many .. what would those really be ? ) 

Mastering is a subjective individual approach on how to turn on the knowbs :) if you wish to gain better results in sound portrayal ... maybe you need some new knowledge on compressors?? ( i'm staying away from those as i like things simple ) 

If you have a song ready, mastering should be ready too ... as many times .. just volum on /off rise/fall could be considered part of it.

Secondly, you can export the song in separate stems/channels and do a final mix on a pc :) there are free and paid programs and effects and instruments too

Using too many channels is pointless, ( not always true ) .. but many times people tend to overlap their defficiencies by creating harmonic noises, but that won't work all the way. A very good song can be done on 4 or 5 channels ... if you are using all 14 ... i guess you are overcompensating for some other reason, but my opinion may be just as wrong ... and kudos to you , if you believe you are using dozen channels for a smart reason


so maybe it would be cool, if you could explain in a bit more ( try both approaches ) technical and simplified way ,of telling us what do you exactly want from the scene and or the tool.

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I got one cool sound system

I got one cool sound system home, the monitors are really precise. The thing is, that i Always lose deepness of sound. Some frequencys are good , but some are to low, so low, that i can bearly hear them. The man reason that i found is low chip speed, or something in Android system got wrong so you must process song through other programs like audicity to make it sound right. I wish if there was some dyinamic cleaner that could boost the volume of high end, and low end on the cd quality of 44.1 herz.. but to keep the Caustic authentic sound.

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Unfortunately something here

Unfortunately something here is getting lost in translation.

However, if I even remotely understand you, go to the Google Play store and download an app called "Neutralizer". Maybe you will find it helps.