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Caustic 3 Future Bounce Project File/Template made with Caustic 3's machines and stock samples.

Here' my video of Future Bounce Project where I used just Caustic's stock samples and machines.

I'm trying my best to make a professional EDM sorta track with just Caustic's stuff.

Excuse the Fx bvuz they're damn good.

You can download in the description.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDrc-wF3FwE


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Thanx for this totorial.. I

Thanx for this totorial.. I checked your other tracks and I’m impressed what you can do with just Caustic! Man, it really sounds good!

'Why can't you make records like Marley Marl?!!'
'He's in his livingroom.. you're in a million dollar studio!'