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I recently started uploading songs to my Soundcloud

I am back after a pretty long hiatus and sidetracking into Doom mapping :) Recently I decided to finally upload some songs to Soundcloud, I have been in a pretty creative mood recently and so I've made several songs, a couple in a classic Doom-ish style, and a synthwavey one which I have posted up above (I am working on another one currently which will hopefully be even better than this one when it is done :D) So give them a listen and don't hesitate to give feedback both positive and negative

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Nice song!  The title fits it

Nice song!  The title fits it well as it could be a great soundtrack for a night drive video, ending with taillights slowly fading into distance.  I like your restrained use of the strong drum hits/fills.

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I like this, reminds me of

I like this, reminds me of Gatekeeper. Really nicely mixed as well.