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Ofelia (Homage to Guillermo del Toro)

Life has never been the same after seeing "Pan's Labyrinth" so I tip my musical hat to the one and only Guillermo del Toro.

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Very pretty in its simplicity

Very pretty in its simplicity, almost music-box-like.  Musically, it is a lovely progression, not sad but something else like it. 


SToons Music
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Wow, thank you so much, I don

Wow, thank you so much, I don't know of you've seen the movie but your words mean I accomplished exactly what I intended to by evoking that feeling. And it's also a big compliment to me that you commented on how it made you feel as opposed to something like technical stuff. I love discussing techniques etc (by the way I liked your videos on recording and processing guitar loops) but I love making and talking about actual music even more.

For anyone who hasn't seen Pan's Labyrinth, It follows a young girl Ofelia who ultimately has to make an incredibly adult decision which is on one hand very sad but on the other is a powerful statement on her strong sense of humanity and goodness. The way in which she escapes into an alternate world of imagination as a way to deal with the horrific events going on around her is so brilliantly tackled. The movie felt to me kinda tragic but also uplifting and beautiful at the same time.

I contemplated using something even closer to a music box texture but it felt a little clinched to me so I went with the KS Synth and modded a preset called
Music Box. Then at times you can hear I overlapped the melody from the KS with a more music box like bell timbre using the FM synth. I should experiment though. Often I write something, sit on it for a bit and then I'll come back to it.

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Nice SToons. I love it when

Nice SToons. I love it when music makes you escape to other places. And that's exactly what your track does for me. I am a very visual person, I tend to associate music with environments. Having re-watched Pan's Labyrinth about a month or so ago, I can almost see the little girl in the final scene! Well done!!

SToons Music
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Again I'll say, wow, thanks

Again I'll say, wow, thanks so much. It really does mean alot to be able to inspire that kind of reaction to others.

Funny, for myself I noticed after years of playing that I didn't seem driven or compelled to compose as if my life depended on it, like some others do. I was more of a player who composed thru improvisation, playing lots of rock, blues and jazz. And when I did decide I wanted to write it felt almost overwhelming because there were TOO many options so where you start?

I found that by choosing a topic or, like this, a mental image of something to guide things it actually helped me because now I had a certain goal and also specific constraints. There is almost an irony there - feeling more free to create by imposing limitations.

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Sounds really good.. full of

Sounds really good.. full of images..a great atmosphere..