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Nick Minieri: Swatchbook (all-Caustic produced house/techno album)


Hi guys- First time poster here. My name is Nick and I’m a DJ and producer from Boston. I’ve been making tunes for 5 years now, mostly in Ableton. 

About 10 months ago I discovered Caustic and decided to take a chance on downloading it. Prior to that I never thought much about making music on my phone aside from busting out an occasional loop for fun in some of the other music apps I had. Within two hours of launching Caustic I was already arranging my first track. Because I’m somewhat familiar with Propellerhead Reason, I felt right at home in Caustic. I actually joked to myself after that first session what the chances were for me to make an entire album in Caustic. Fast forward ten months…and I did just that.

“Swatchbook” is my first album and consists of 11 tracks created entirely in Caustic.

Because many of my musical ideas come when I’m not at home, I’m able to pull my phone out of my pocket and start typing chords in MIDI in Caustic within seconds. This program enhanced my entire workflow, not just because of its immediacy, but also due to its simplicity. With only 14 channels and 2 inserts per each, I’m focused specifically on the songwriting aspect, rather than bogging down my project with convoluted effects racks and needless layers of resampling that have little effect on the final product. Without any hesitation I'd say buying Caustic was the best ten dollars I spent in 2017.

Although some of the sounds from these tracks come from my extensive sample library, all of the sound design, effects, sequencing and arrangement were all done in Caustic. I then bounced out all the 24-bit stems into Ableton and mixed the tracks down in my studio. Then sent them off to an engineer to have them mastered properly. 

I originally finished roughly 20 tracks, which I pared down to 11. They’re mostly no-frills house and techno, with a couple downtempo pieces, an electronic 12-bar blues bit and a minimal drum and bass coda. I’m more than happy to discuss the process behind any of these tracks if you like, don’t hesitate to ask. Also plan to get more involved in the general forums here as well; I'm sure there's a ton of cool stuff in the program I have yet to discover.

The lead single “Style Guide” premiered with a video I made on Moskalus a couple weeks ago, and got featured on Earmilk last week. The rest of the album came out yesterday; it can be streamed on Bandcamp and downloaded for a dollar.

I couldn't get the embedding to work, but you can also stream it on Spotify as well, if you have an account there.

Super happy to be sharing this with you! Feedback/comments/etc more than welcome. Cheers!!