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EIP - Arctic Sun

een a long time since I've hung out here, but I thought I would share a little something I have been playing around with.   Bringing orchestra sounds into Caustic is a very difficult and nearly impossible challenge, due to the lack of ease of handling of instrument articulations that are badly needed to provide a sense of realism that larger DAW systems are getting very good at providing (EastWest's Hollywood Orchestra for example)

Here is a simple cinematic score excersize I put together for some flavors of epic suspense, using my Builderz Instrumentals and orchestra instruments together.

Enjoy coolyes

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Glad to see you here once

Glad to see you here once again after like forever..lol
Very clean sound! Omg I love those fx!!
Very inspiring;)

♬​ Lu!G

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Thanks, LU, it's been a while

Thanks, LU, it's been a while, but I have been trying to find efficient ways to incorporate individual or sectional instrument articulations here in even the most elementary way possible, but I am hitting a big brick wall.    I have been sitting at a drawing board of sorts to build a different system on a different platform to explore this more in depth......

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Very nicely done - smooth,

Very nicely done - smooth, lush sound.

Welcome back!