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Clear Air Turbulence
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A small album made with Caustic, in YouTube playlist form

These are some of the best songs I made with Caustic last year. I haven't had the time to do much new stuff since. Let me know what you think... I'm particularly interested in what genres you feel they fall into, as I'm pretty much an outsider to most modern music.


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Just listened to the first

Just listened to the first couple of tracks and musically it's expansive - strong melodies / chord progressions etc.

Definite shades of Chip tune (especially track 2), track 1 is kind of electronic rock music but could be desribed as 'Electronica' (I use this to describe music that's not EDM, House, Techno, Trap etc. as it's a good catch all without having to define and understand countless sub genres).

I can hear a metal influence with the fast arps on 'Doublearity' - those arps would translate to shred style guitar, 7 too has a strong metal / post-metal vibe.

Overall it's interesting, and musical - you're obviously talented. I think you would benefit from investing more time on your production skills, mixing, sound design etc. as these detract from the quality of the finished 'product'. The sound is often muddy, or too raw and the drums sound as though they have 'stereo width' on the kick drum that makes them sound like they've been panned off centre.

I also think your beats hold the music back - I suspect this is because you're a guitar player or piano player and haven't acquired an affinity (yet) for playing / progamming drums.