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New Music Beat And frustrated about mixing and mastering
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So my friend, why are you

So my friend, why are you frustrated? You're making music, you need to defeat the obstacles. Define it... what is the problem and what do you hope to accomplish? I'd suggest learning to use the Seq and creating a song might best come before worrying about the Mastering but hey, learning is rarely linear anyways.

Of course I assume you're not shamelessly looking for subscribers on YouBube.

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Ok, sorry, should have

Ok, sorry, should have noticed first time (video because of poor English? Sorry, I suck at instructional videos or I'd make a video response) . You're having trouble balancing the Limiter?

First off, lower some of the Reverb Sends in the Mixer. If you raise the "Wet" knob all the way, you can get just as just as much reverb but with lower values in the Reverb Send of the Mixer and therefore not max the Master Reverb input into the red .

With the Limiter, use the "Pre" knob until you see activity in the meter but realize that after that point that "Post" and "Master" essentially do the same thing, so use one of them to lower the overall volume cause you have alot of clipping.

So far I really can't see or hear any difference between the "Post" volume and the "Master" volume.

Personally I usually put "Pre" up until there is some limiting but not into the red, leave "Master" in the middle and use "Post" to adjust it so that I only see the red lights of the Master meter on the loudest of transients. Knowing how to set Attack and Release time is a little more advanced so maybe leave at default values until you get more comfortable with compressors/limiters.

Hah! I'm such a nerd!