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Dark wonky 5/4 tune I did some time back

Caustic Song file (optional): 

Slow CR-78 breakbeat-esque drums through chorus and vibrato, with a simple descending bassline and some chords using subsynth. Simple triangle and saw pads, and sine bass. Lots of reverb and delay. Some modular random LFO stuff for background atmosphere, and bitcrusher on master for outro.

No idea what chords I use, no music theory here really.


I'm quite disorganized while making music, as you'll see on the song file. I think it sounds pretty good though, although some stuff definitely is rough around the edges.

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Like it - the drums are

Like it - the drums are awesome, there's a really good groove going on, even in 5/4 time (until the middle at least when it takes a turn towards I dunno, free jazz maybe!).

I've been using the CR-78 more recently as I love the hats and snare, it's not as iconic as the 808 and 909 but not as over used either.